Some ideas for your Christmas celebrations are unforgettable. The best Christmas, funny and memorable holidays year after year.

We entered the most fun times of the year. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Day of the Holy Innocents, Eve, Reyes …

In the USA, from December bridge where tradition is riding Christmas tree and nativity scene, as in many other parts of Latin America that mount on December 8 celebrations begin. The family starts to organize for people at home, family, friends … They looked finery and enjoyed the more we yearn moments and smiles and sweet memories.

Party holidays, celebrations and meetings … sweets and recipes from these dates, but ultimately excesses … special moments that only held once a year and gives us the best smiles, fun and happiness.

Tips for organizing your Christmas party

Christmas is just around the corner and with its parties, hangouts, walks through the illuminated city center and a host of activities that characterize Christmas. In the article we bring you today, we are going to give some tips for organizing the Christmas party with colleagues at the University does not assume a continuous stress.

The first thing we recommend is that instead of speaking for the group of Whatsapp on the day of the dinner, believe a closed Facebook group and later a survey. Facebook gives you the option of making such surveys coming luxury hangouts with many people. Ideally, when you think you bear several dates listed as an option.

Each group member must put the dates in which it is available, and this form will be much easier to know what day is that most people can go to dinner. Once you know the date, you must put your batteries to choose the site of the dinner and then the disco for your college party. The idea is that you want the disco and restaurant as close to making things easier, it will be impossible to touch moved away in taxis.

It is important that someone in the group take the roost to call restaurants intending to know the availability. There are many restaurants that make Christmas discounts for groups, specially designed for students in which financial resources are more limited. For this reason, it is important that they are well online because you can find excellent opportunities.

It is advisable for you to get down to the organization of the Christmas dinner as soon as possible because otherwise it time you lie down on top. Left single month and a half for it to end the year! If you need help, you know that you can count on the aid of clear. “What should i get my wife for christmas?” Think of that if you do not want to ruin the mood of the day.You must give your wife a perfect gift on this special day.

Tips for organizing a memorable Christmas party

Less than ten days to Christmas Eve, many festivals are held at this time. If this is your case then we share with you the best tips that you should consider for your party will be remembered for many years.

  1. Plan your party. If you want to be multitudinous best choose a DJ that deals with music, a bartender surprise guests with delicious cocktails or hire a caterer for that deal with cooking and serving dinner. On the other hand, if you prefer, you can choose to organize a more casual evening with friends.
  1. Before sending the invitations, make the list of guests. Calculate a number of people that you can invite taking into account three factors: how many people can hold so you can sit comfortably for dinner. Stand and eat food that can be served and eaten standing.
  1. Send invitations. In a time when everything is on the Internet, we can send messages via email. Do not forget to schedule and dress code.
  1. Choose the menu. Whether you hire a catering as if you cook the menu, think an option for people who do not eat meat. All guests have to feel included.
  1. Decorate the room in which you go to celebrate Christmas party. Place a decorated tree, many candles of different sizes and shapes, centerpieces and other festive decorations.
  1. Buy food, drinks (non-alcoholic for some of those who do not like drinks).
  1. Right on the day of the party. In the morning, prepare tickets, flowers, cold drinks and arranges the tables.
  1. Just before guests arrive, light the candles, put on some holiday music environment, place the food on the tables and preparing other drinks.

Follow our tips on how to organize a good Christmas party and sure to be a success!


The fryer without oil, how does it work?


You all know the operation of a conventional fryer. These boil the oil in a large bowl. The principle is the same by wearing at high temperature another fat as the vegetable for example. The potatoes are then deposited and left sometimes. Eventually, it is necessary to mix from time to time to ensure proper cooking. So the boiling oil cooked fries, and that makes them fat.

In a fryer without oil, a spoonful of oil is enough to prepare a full tour of fries. It is economic, ecological and dietetics. The oil is then spread over all the potatoes. Resistors then heat the air inside the unit, while fans are running to circulate the hot air in the cabin. Your chips are light and fat since it is not the oil that cooks, but the hot air passing through the unit. The precise operation varies from one model to another and from one manufacturer to another, but the principle remains the same.


Another advantage of using a fryer without oil is that they are less dangerous. Beyond the fact that cleaning is facilitated, the risk of burns that completely disappears without oil fryers models. Projection of the risk is zero or almost no, and you can e.g. let your teenagers responsibly use your device with your absence. In the same spirit as ovens offer cold doors preventing your children from accidentally burn their hand on the wall outside, a fryer without oil does not heat until it is turned on.

Monitor cooking the fries is made easier. The transparent covers are in place on most models, you do not need to open the device to see where cooking. Goodbye too toasted chips fault have discounts to brown for a few minutes. A simple glance you will find that your chips are ready. Especially since all the devices have a built-in timer.

How much fat?

One spoonful of oil is enough to cook your tour fries. If you use frozen fries, this spoon is not even necessary, because frozen fries are already pre-cooked before being frozen. Unlike a conventional fryer, you will not need to regularly move your chips. The pale implementation at Seb Actifry (for example) range and can automatically mix the contents, thus guaranteeing even cooking. This process is the same with the system available from Philips on its models Airfryer, which offers a different system for the same result. Check out Airfryer reviews in details in case you want to purchase one. This machine is very easy to use but there are many surprising things that you might want to know.

For those wishing to watch your diet, it is good to remember that the fat content in cooked fries conventionally around 12% on average. With a deep fryer without oil, this rate is divided by 4: it is only 3%. Using a deep fryer without oil helps to enjoy a balanced meal and dietetics, everything in depriving and without a cross on the tempting fries, check out air fryer reviews on  to know more.